Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Center

Vokk FieldVolk Field is one of only four Air National Guard Combat Readiness Training Centers in the nation, and the only one that does not share its airfield with a civilian airport. 


Training Center Mission IAW ANGMD 10.01:  Provide a year round integrated training environment (airspace, facilities, equipment) for units to enhance their combat capabilities and readiness.

We support our mission objectives by:

  •  Enabling users to accomplish training which cannot be effectively accomplished or is not available at their home station.
  •  Establishing a training arena that approximates a deployed combat forward operating location.
  •  Providing a realistic setting for deployed Operational Readiness Exercises and Inspections (ORE, ORI).
  •  Providing other site-specific, unique training missions as tasked by the National Guard Bureau.
  •  Providing facilities and services to non-Air National Guard agencies on a non-interference, cost reimbursable basis.

Volk Field CRTC: