The origin of Volk Field CRTC can be traced back to 1888 when the State Adjutant General, General Chandler Chapman, purchased a site for a rifle range and offered it to the state for a camp. In 1889, the Wisconsin State Legislature authorized Governor William D. Hoard to purchase land near the site for a permanent campground and rifle range for the Wisconsin National Guard.  Since then Volk Field CRTC has been training units of all sizes from all branches.    

Volk Field is comprised of 2,231 acres and also supports Hardwood Weapons Range (7,865 acres) allowing Volk to offer a wide range of outdoor space for in-theater realistic field condition training. We offer a huge selection of high-tech, flexible, extensive and affordable training space for large or small scale exercises.


  • More than 800 acres of training space
  • 35 acres of ramp space
  • 9,000 foot dedicated runway
  • 37,000 square feet of hangar space
  • 2 Air-to-Ground ranges
  • 2 Air-to-Air ranges
  • 26 acres of munitions storage, including
    • 39 storage structures
    • 4,500 sq. ft. munitions assembly area
  • Lodging for up to 950 personnel including 7 VIP quarters









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