Volk Field is the premier Counterland Training Center in the Air National Guard and works to “provide an integrated, year-round, realistic training environment for units to cost effectively enhance their combat capability and readiness up to the MAJCOM level” (ANGI 10-110) and accomplish events that would otherwise be cumbersome or impossible to complete at your home station. Volk Field stands by our mission to “deliver an advanced and diverse training environment to train the warfighter” by providing a “proving ground” to develop multi-capable Airmen for multi-domain operations across the spectrum of warfare.  The Volk Field CRTC staff are committed to finding innovative and cost-effective ways to provide dynamic training and ensuring the customer experience exceeds training requirements.

Please contact the Base Scheduling Office at WI.CRTC.SCHEDULING.Org@us.af.mil or call (608)427-1273 or DSN 871-1273 with any scheduling questions.


  • Complete the Training Request Worksheet (TRW) and return to the Base Scheduling Office via the org box email.
  • Once the Training Request Worksheet (TRW) has been approved, the Base Scheduling Office will add the event to the planning calendar and contact your unit’s point of contact with further information and instructions.


  1. Provide proper coordination with Base Scheduling to ensure unit training requirements are met during the deployment.
  2. Complete the items indicated on the Visiting Unit Checklist to ensure proper coordination and deconfliction of unit deployments.
  3. Be charged for damage to equipment or facilities where the harm was determined to be negligent or malevolent in nature.
  4. Swiftly deal with any disciplinary issues that arise and report security incidents and violations to the Controlled Area Monitor or Security Manager responsible for the facility where the incident occurred.
  5. Kindly provide timely and relevant feedback to the Volk Field staff so that we can continue to strive for improvement.


Volk Field offers a huge selection of high-tech, flexible, extensive, and affordable training space for large- or small-scale exercises as well as a full assortment of training aids including:

  • Military Only Runway: 9,000 feet
  • Special Use Airspace: 50,000 cubic miles
  • Aircraft storage hangars
  • Aircraft Ramp for up to 47x fighter aircraft
  • Air-to-Ground Ranges: Hardwood Range and Fort McCoy (US Army)
  • Air-to-Air Range
  • Joint Threat Emitters
  • Classified processing areas for mission planning
  • Lodging up to 1,050 personnel
  • Tenant Units: 128th Air Control Squadron (BMC2) and 126th Weather Flight
  • Munitions storage area
  • Cold Weather Training
  • Tactical Training areas: Urban and Small Arms
  • Fire, Crash, Rescue Training Area
  • Crashed, Damaged, Disabled Aircraft Recovery (CDDAR)


  • Northern Lightning
  • Agile Rage
  • Audacious Warrior
  • Jaded Thunder
  • Mobility Guardian
  • Patriot NORTH
  • Combat Search and Rescue (CSAREX)
  • Ammo Rodeo


The Wilkening Lodging and Conference Center located on Volk Field is a diverse, 5,000+ square foot facility with full audiovisual and teleconferencing capability that can accommodate up to 400 people. The classroom space can be configured in theater or classroom styles. Users can also request an Executive Classroom and up to four Breakout Rooms, depending on availability.

In addition to the Wilkening Lodging and Conference Center, Volk Field has a full complement of classrooms and workspaces on base to accommodate a variety of uses. Please reach out to the Base Scheduling Office for a full listing of available areas and their capabilities.