Our Leadership

Mission & Vision Statement

The MISSION of the Volk Field CRTC is to deliver an advanced and diverse training environment to train the war fighter.

To achieve that mission, the CRTC’s VISION is to provide a war fighter’s “proving ground” to develop multi-capable Airmen for multi-domain operations across the spectrum of warfare. “One team, one fight!”

These are accomplished by focusing on three key PRIORITIES:
  1. Grow and Develop Our Expertise
    1. Partner with our families and neighbors
    2. Invest in providing the best subject matter experts for advising the customer.
    3. Constantly prepare for your next big thing (personal and professional).
  2. Foster a Positive Culture
    1. Develop an environment where all employees feel values, engaged, and mission critical.
    2. Be a center where the customer experience exceeds training requirements.
  3. Innovate and Generate Change
    1. Find innovative and cost-effective ways to provide dynamic training.
    2. Be stewards of our resources and the environment.