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100 Independence Drive; Camp Douglas, WI 54618

PHONE DIRECTORY:  Do not discuss classified information on unsecure telephones.  Official DOD telephones are subject to monitoring for communications security purposes at all times

Emergency (SF/BDOC, 24/7): (608) 427-1236

Fire Department (Non-Emergency): (608) 427-1417

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator 24/7 Help Line: (608) 387-5692

Noise Complaints: (608) 427-1260

CRTC Scheduler: (608) 427-1273

CRTC Public Affairs: (608) 427-1162

Base Exchange (BX): (608) 427-1274

Volk Field ANGB Recruiter: (608) 427-1448

National Guard Museum: Closed until further notice

For additional agencies and information please visit our Resources page and Volk FAQ page.


DOD telephones are provided for the transmission of official government information only and are subject to communications security monitoring at all times. Use of official DOD telephones constitutes consent to communications security telephone monitoring


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