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At Volk Field, protecting the environment is one of our highest priorities and will be a major factor in decision making. Volk Field is dedicated to continual improvement of our processes to prevent and reduce waste generation. Volk Field will maintain compliance with federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations, Executive Orders and U.S. Air Force Instructions; and support AFPD 90-8, the ESOH Policy for the Air Force.

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Camp Douglas  Chicago, IL  (229 miles)
New Lisbon (10 miles)  Minneapolis, MN (185 miles)
Tomah (17 miles)  Milwaukee (157 miles) 
Mauston (18 miles) Green Bay (146 miles)
Sparta (33 miles) Eau Claire (94 miles) 
Wisconsin Dells (36 miles) Madison (89 miles) 
LaCrosse (60 miles)


Wisconsin National Guard Museum is closed until further notice.

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Volk Field Fire Department hosts community departments at open house
The DoD Safe Helpline provides round-the-clock resources for sexual assault survivors, but did you know they have a variety of ways to connect with them other than their 24/7 phone helpline? They also have resources for friends and family about how to support a survivor.
In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, the #WisconsinNationalGuard sat down with Amber Garfoot, one of the state's nearly 50 victim advocates, for ten (plus one) questions. Learn more about the help a victim advocate can provide for survivors of sexual assault, as well as some of the unique benefits of Wisconsin National Guard's full-time Sexual Assault Prevention and Response program. #KnowYourMil #SAAPM
#WisconsinNationalGuard victim advocates offer wide array of support for sexual assault survivors
#DYK that the #WisconsinNationalGuard has nearly 50 victim advocates serving across the state at all levels of our organization? Victim advocates help survivors of sexual assault get the support and resources they need. #KnowYourMil #SAAPM
A short video clip of some of the training conducted at Volk Field Fire Departments Open House hosted 6 April 2019. Nearly 60 volunteer firemen from six departments attended the open house. The fire departments in attendance were Volk Field, Mauston, Lyndon Station, Oakdale, Camp Douglas, New Lisbon and Cutler.
It was another busy drill weekend at Volk Field. Congratulations to all of the Airmen that reenlisted this weekend and a special thank you to all of the local fire departments that came out to train with the Volk Field Fire Protection team.
It was another busy drill weekend at Volk Field. Congratulations to all of the Airmen that reenlisted this weekend and a special thank you to all of the local fire departments that came out to train with the Volk Field Fire Protection team.
As we observe Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the message is clear - there’s no room for sexual assault or harassment in the #WisconsinNationalGuard #SAAM https://dma.wi.gov/DMA/news/2019news/19033?fbclid=IwAR3ZdO3SjOa-BdHXj55SjHkRK3ZsipVCq-3rhjVEE17vk_ERT1KrJnZboAU
Sexual assault impacts more than just the individual survivor. It sends ripples throughout an organization, from immediate teammates to the highest echelons of leadership. It impacts families, friends, coworkers, and employers. It impacts everyone. This tree stands at the entrance of JFHQ throughout National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month to show all of us the broad impact of sexual assault. Wisconsin National Guard members will place teal ribbons here for every person in their life who is a victim of sexual assault. This tree will become a vivid demonstration of the broader impact of sexual assault on survivors, their support systems, and the organization as a whole. It tells us that survivors and witnesses are not alone and we are all here for them. If you are a current Wisconsin National Guard Soldier or Airman and would like to contribute to the tree, send a private message to this page or an email to ng.wi.wiarng.mbx.sarc-sapr@mail.mil. Wisconsin National Guard sexual assault survivors in need of help, call or text the Wisconsin National Guard Sexual Assault Response Coordinator at 608-469-2627 for 24/7 assistance, or visit https://safehelpline.org for additional resources.
Volk Field CRTC visiting their counterparts in Alpena, Michigan for Annual Training. Volk Field is one of four CRTCs!
Did you know our base has a bar and grill? Like and follow their new Facebook page to see their menu and hours! Not open to the Public! #RunwaysEdge
Congratulations to Nicholas “Fester” Schultz on his recent promotion to Lieutenant Colonel! Lt Col Nicholas Schultz was recently selected as the Director of Operations at Volk Field CRTC. Lt Col Schultz is a senior pilot with more than 1900 flying hours in the T-37, T-38, AT-38, F-16C+, and F-16CM. He has flown numerous combat missions in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. Prior to his current position, he served as the Range Operations Officer at Hardwood Range.
RT @LukeAFB: Luke’s Explosive Ordnance Disposal team provided a live demonstration to weapons handlers to show the impact of the importance…
Honoring a civil rights icon. #USAF and Montgomery, Alabama, leaders honored Rosa Parks at @MaxwellAFB on Dec. 1,… https://t.co/2JuADyuPfu
It’s not often an Airman gets a call from Air Force Chief of Staff @GenCQBrownJr. When they do, it's almost always… https://t.co/C6DrBUh1lb
RT @GenCQBrownJr: #ICYMI, “It’s time to move from start-up to scale-up on ABMS. Given the rapid nature of development and the span across t…
RT @SecAFOfficial: Serving alongside @MacTXPress, the inimitable Mrs. Sally Thornberry has been equally committed to Air & Space Force pers…
Military and government representatives from multiple academic and intelligence communities met for the first… https://t.co/qGoWVhfR0v
Readying the force @AETCommand hosted a study as part of a process to restructure force development and assist ca… https://t.co/WGmiQO2QvW
Accelerating change The Air Force Weapons School Integration training approach has taken a new form. Its focus has… https://t.co/bho4Ehrhfn
Accelerate with AFWERX @AFWERX will host its inaugural Accelerate event virtually, Dec. 7-11, 2020. The event will… https://t.co/mCEAXbw0OD
RT @cmsaf_official: The title says it all. Wanna be a good leader, be a good follower. Have a fantastic Thursday, teammates! Be delibera…
Increasing #USAF aircraft capabilities The B-1B Lancer’s expanded carriage capabilities came one step closer to fr… https://t.co/wiqhTQyESO
RT @grandslamwing: Our Expeditionary Engineers demonstrated their Rapid Airfield Damage Repair skills during an exercise, to strengthen our…
Welcome home! An Airman hugs a loved one at @139AW upon returning from a deployment to the @CENTCOM area of respon… https://t.co/32OrUWfD6A
Col. (ret.) Clyde Westbrook piloted the HC-130P Combat King to recover American POWs during the Vietnam War. He rec… https://t.co/ilcucCPocS
RT @JASDF_PAO_ENG: On Nov 19, General Izutsu had in-person meetings with General Wilsbach, Commander, PACAF and Ms. Seybolt, Deputy Under S…

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