Volk Field CRTC Airfield Ops Named Tops For 2007

  • Published
  • By SMSgt Greg Cullen
  • Volk Field CRTC
The Air Traffic Control and Airfield Management sections of Volk Field CRTC have been named the 2007 Air National Guard Operations Complex of the Year.
"I'm very proud of both our Air Traffic Control and Airfield Management sections,"
said Lt. Col Brendan Smith, Volk Field CRTC Director of Operations.

The complex has nineteen people assigned to the control tower, radar approach control, and airfield management facilities. The CRTC competed against several other complex nominees throughout the ANG.

Volk Field's complex directly supports ten midwest flying units on a regular basis within their 12,000 square miles of airspace, including the 115th Fighter Wing. In addition,
they supported seventeen deployed flying units and airlift support requirements for five major non-flying deployments with a 100% safety record.

The airfield and controllers handled more than 750 transient aircraft. A large portion of these aircraft were supporting Volk Field's aerial port of embarkation mission for soldiers mobilizing and demobilizing at nearby Fort McCoy. All of the flights continued despite a $2.1 million dollar construction project which closed both arm/de-arm areas during the summer, an airspace realignment project, apprentice controller training, and limited staffing.

"They continue to provide absolutely top-notch service and support to a wide spectrum of customers," said Lt. Col Smith. "They couldn't be more deserving of this prestigious award"