Volk Field to host inaugural NATO exercise

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  • By Allied Air Command Ramstein Public Affairs
The Wisconsin Air National Guard's Volk Field Combat Readiness Training Center and nearby training facilities will host the first international exercise in the U.S. to train NATO forward air controllers. The exercise, named Ramstein Rover 2010, begins Aug. 21 and concludes Sept. 3.

Ramstein Rover 2010 provides an advanced training opportunity for NATO members to build and standardize close air support, forward air controller and joint terminal attack controller capabilities. Participants include approximately 40 NATO members from Belgium, Canada, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovenia and the United Kingdom. Fifteen forward air controller instructors will also take part in the exercise.

Volk Field was selected to host Ramstein Rover 2010 for its ability to provide realistic training scenarios. The training is meant to ensure effective use of airpower in support of forces while mitigating risks to civilians and their property. This exercise will also prepare NATO forward air controllers and joint terminal attack controllers for deployment to NATO's International Security Assistance Force mission in Afghanistan.

"With NATO's 'train as you operate' approach, we ensure best training and exercise opportunities during Ramstein Rover 2010 for air-land integration elements and facilities in theater-realistic scenarios," said U.S. Air Force Col. Rob Redanz, exercise director. Redanz leads the Headquarters Air Controller Ramstein ISAF Branch overseeing the forward air controller capability branch.

The Wisconsin National Guard will also support the exercise's nine fly days with F-16, B-1 and A-10 aircraft as well as KC-135 tanker aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and rotary-wing assets to portray the air dimension.

Training objectives include, but are not limited to: control of fighter aircraft in close air support missions, develop and maintain forward air controller skills, introduce and practice convoy procedures using spot maps and aerial photographs, and observe the effects of live ordnance.

Ramstein Rover 2010