KC-97L “Stratotanker”

The KC-97 was introduced in 1950 using the ‘flying boom” refueling system and had the capability of serving as heavy cargo aircraft without removing the refueling gear. After 1956, USAF KC-97s were gradually replaced by the KC-135 jet tankers. In 1964, selected aircraft were transferred to the Air National Guard (ANG). The KC-97L (S/N 52-0905) displayed at Volk Field was flown by the 128th Air Refueling Group, WI Air National Guard, in Milwaukee. I t was retired in 1972 when the unit converted to the present-day KC-135.

There are 2 known Boeing C-97/KC-97s on display in Wisconsin.

1978 KC-97 Crash at Volk Field, 126 Air Refueling Squadron: