F-102A “Delta Dagger”

The F-102A Delta Dagger is a supersonic all-weather fighter- interceptor. One of the mainstays of the Air Defense Command in the 1960’s, it used a data link computer to track and acquire targets. Frist flown in 1953, the F-102 became fully operational for the Air Force in 1956. By 1974, F-102s--- called “Deuces”--- had all been assigned to the ANG and the air forces of Greece and Turkey. The “Deuces” on display here were flown by the 176th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, WI ANG, at Truax Field, in Madison. The TF-model (S/N 56-2353) is the subsonic side-by-side two-seat training version of the “the Deuce.”

There are 1 known Convair F-102 Delta Dagger on display in Wisconsin.